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May 2021

Le Jardin des Matières

High Fashion Set in Stone

Benjamin Champlain and Franck Perrin-Caudron are at the helm of a design studio dedicated to the creation and application of new, high-fashion materials in both private and public spaces

Parmi les exercices de style multiples du Jardin des Matières, la pose de bejmat (briquettes de terre cuite naturelle ou vernie), revêtement pour sols et murs. Un artisanat séculaire cher à la ville de Fès, au Maroc. 

The two greet us just outside their home in the heights above Roucas-Blanc, and we bask in the sunshine, facing the sea in an outdoor showroom that sets the tone. “This garden is a highly motivating and instructive playing field, where we can see our constructions evolve over time in the outside air. As creators and users of new, high-tech surfaces and outdoor furniture, we are always on the look-out for something new.” The duo work together with their teams in using waxed concrete, terrazzo, zellige, bejmat and cement tiles for indoor flooring, terraces, pool areas, work surfaces, etc. People come to Benjamin and Franck for their intricate and careful work, aged effects and patinas that bring out the beauty of much-used surfaces. “Our colours remain dazzling, our pigments resist the sun’s rays, and our complex mineral textures are so visually sensual, your eyes want to reach out and touch them. In a way, we are ambassadors for Mediterranean materials…”. Right now, it’s full speed ahead to the Docks, and Pernod-Ricard’s new headquarters, where Franck and Benjamin have been commissioned to create a VIP bar module.

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