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May 2021

Pop-Up House

100% positive

The habitat of tomorrow: ecological, sturdy, quick to build and with simple lines. Corentin Thiercelin is the designer of this new generation of wooden houses.

Conception 100 % numérique, ossature contemporaine, temps de construction record ! Derrière Corentin Thiercelin, une équipe soucieuse du monde à venir...

Just one video of construction of the first house in 2014, and in record time 5 million pairs of eyes were focused on these innovative, aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced homes! The system was quickly patented and given the name ‘Pop-Up House’Since then, more than 500 such houses have been built using modules from the company’s various collections. “All different, because clients can customise their projects using an intuitive, fun 2D/3D digital design tool.” Fifty employees have been hired to work in the Aix area, and ten assembly teams cover the entire region thanks to the recently created subsidiary, PopUp Construction. In short, Pop-Up houses have really taken off! With their monolithic contemporary contours and rough, natural finishing (wooden panels and concrete), these energy-saving homes are built using 100% bio-based frames with blown-in wood fibre, which reduces humidity and is an excellent acoustic insulator as well. Pop-Up houses reduce the carbon footprint and can be constructed according to schedule thanks to an ultra-efficient assembly process that includes sealing, carpentry, exterior and then interior finishing. “Everything is coded, simplified, well thought-out.” And, like a Lego set fits into a box, a Pop-Up house fits into the delivery van! Pop-Up has already become the go-to partner for architects and real estate developers with environmental concerns in mind. Price from 1600 to 2200 euros per m2, all


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