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May 2021


Happiness in simple things

Self-taught terrace and garden designers Claire Delayahe and Lionel Ducatillon are now sowing joyful, poetic, and sensitive gardens of Eden…

Au fil des jardins et des saisons, ce couple rafraîchissant imagine des lieux qui prolongent la convivialité, créant chaque fois la surprise. © JSlowgarden

Before they took the plunge, Claire studied design and Lionel was an accomplished handyman and baker-chocolate maker. But what did they really want? To go slow and create beauty. From study and design phases to hands-on work, “each project is custom-made, with in-situ drawings, samples of textiles, materials, colours, furniture, and plants, as well as an implementation plan and detailed estimate. We love taking full advantage of outdoor areas, and playing with their constraints, while also respecting the environment. Our projects are usually in and around Marseille and the Var, but we have also worked in Barcelona, Paris and Belgium.” Their favourite garden? The Calanques, for walks in nature. “From Cassis and the Blue Coast to the Corsican backcountry, and from one cove to another, there is always something new: limestone, red pebbles, shale, mastic trees, valerian, rosemary, pine… all are like gifts! We love picking things up, making cuttings, replanting, testing… mixing, for example, dry, drought-resistant plants with exotic, big-leafed strelitzia, cycads and agaves. We’re like children, and our child-like wonder keeps us happily digging away.”

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