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October 2021

Mercadier. The world in colour

Unusual colours and materials, eco-friendly products and a new showroom: Xavier and Marie Grindel have everything you could dream of for home decoration. All aboard for a better world.

By Caroline Guiol

A l'origine « marchands de couleurs », désormais créateurs convoités d'univers, Marie et Xavier Grindel ont pensé ce show-room comme une inépuisable source d'inspiration. Des collections accessibles à tous, des produits faciles à utiliser, pour des réalisations durables...

It’s nearly 20 years since Marie and Xavier Grindel opened their first shop in Aix-en-Provence. In that time they have changed our lives, our habits and our ideas about home decoration. They make natural limewash, 100% water-based paints (40 colours and several finishes), metallic-sheen coatings and waxed concrete. That’s their star product. It comes in a range of innovative formulae for different uses, colours, textures and finishes, bringing high-tech floors and coatings within everyone’s reach. The firm has grown and now has shops in Rouen, Paris, Lille and Bordeaux. All the Grindels lacked was a showroom on a par with their ambitions, and now they have just that: a 1500m2 ultra-modern building in Aix-les-Milles where private and business customers come to find a style, create something new or exchange ideas. “Trade has boomed despite the pandemic; we have hired more staff and we are exporting,” they say. Their partners in this great adventure are long-term suppliers like Farrow&Ball and Little Green, big names in design like Sammode and Airborn, and emerging designers for capsule collections of furniture and wallpaper (Salomé de Fontainieu, Maison Lévy, PaperMint).

Showroom :
120 rue Emilien Gautier
ZAC de Lenfant (proche Arena)
13290 Aix-les-Milles Tél. 04 42 27 11 36 et


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