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Dec 2022

Power reserve indicators, a watch complication designed to show the amount of remaining stored energy at any given time, are now dragging things out! Our short list of brands that are unreservedly enjoying doing just that.

It’s time to dare

Dec 2022

Anti-sobriety remedies, each with its stimulus… these new watches play it bold whilst boosting our dopamine levels.

Dark desires

Dec 2022

You can’t make a fashion faux pas with black! A timeless symbol of elegance and style, the designers’ favourite “colour” arouses all types of covetousness.

Winter sun

Dec 2022

Long banished from the realms of good taste (too glitzy), yellow gold makes a stunning return to jewellery collections. Luminous, glittering, and joyful, it brightens up every look.

Bedecking the male

Dec 2022

Neither bling nor edgy, men’s jewellery continues to conquer the modern male. Somewhere between streetwear and distinguished elegance, utterly befitting the neo-dandy.

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