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May 2021

Spring, out in the open air

Eclectic pieces we love that will transform the onset of spring. Colourful, playful or simply soothing.


Samsung TV. The Terrace 65LST7

A new Smart TV with built-in WiFi, all-weather screen, colour-optimising QLED technology, and IP-55 waterproof rating. The Terrace 65LST7 opens the world to us... With an anti-glare filter and backlighting for optimum viewing comfort.


Cauchi Design. Solisystème

The ultra-durable bioclimatic pergola for our terraces and gardens: adjustable aluminium louvres, natural ventilation, a range of 500 colours, and options +++: integrated LED lighting, side shades, glass panels for lateral protection...
Cauchi Design à Marseille, 112 traverse de la Serviane



Aplô, design Tristan Lohner

Ingenious H.24 "portable" light bulb and innovative accessories is the latest in nomadic lamps. Put it to use as a torch or hanging lamp, fixed or hanging wall light, and control remotely using the Fermob Lighting app.

Fermob à Marseille :

118 rue Paradis et
32 avenue Jules Cantini


Carré Créatif. Wow Design

Terracotta-effect 15x15 tiles and Bejmat green gloss 5x15 tiles from the Bejmat collection. Sun protection you can walk on..
Carré Créatif à Marseille,
114 avenue de la Jarre


Honoré. Eldorado

Tandem gagnant pour ce fauteuil en toile doublée bicolore, déhoussable et déperlante ; structure en fer, motif accoudoirs « poisson » ou « soleil » et sa table (4 couleurs).
This armchair with a removable two-tone, water-repellent canvas seat and iron structure with "fish" or "sun" design armrests and table (4 colours) is a winning combination.

Honoré à Marseille : 121 rue Sainte


Talenti. Argo, design Ludovica et Roberto Palomba

Idéal pour meubler un espace lounge, canapé de jardin modulable à l'envi... Structure et pieds en bois Accoya, hautement résistant, assises profondes.
This modular garden sofa is perfect for furnishing a lounge area... Structure and legs in highly durable Accoya wood, deep seats.

Chez Design MyHome à Marseille, 148 rue Breteuil


Poterie Ravel. Jac, design Tristan Auer

Firmly planted on its clay base, the undulating scales of the’s new white 70x67 terracotta pots recount
the secrets of the earth.

Poterie Ravel
à Aubagne :
8 avenue des Goums


Vincent Sheppard. Kodo, design Studio Segers

Ceramic, industrial aluminium and acrylic rope. The artisanal vein of a collection made to last comprising lounge armchair, lounge sofa, cocoon, footrest, side tables, coffee table, dining chair and dining table.

Chez Good Design à Marseille,
19 rue Venture


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