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April 2024

Antoine et Renaud Jeannin

Anti-motion sickness glasses!

by Laurence Jacquet
© DR

They are the only ones worldwide making Boarding Glasses – ground-breaking low-tech glasses that relieve kinetosis (motion or travel sickness)! A scientific solution invented and patented by their father, Hubert Jeannin, and marketed by Boarding Ring, the company co-founded by his two sons in the south of France in 2015. “It was the right time! I had retired from top-level judo,” explains Antoine, three-time French champion. “My brother Renaud is a chemical engineer, and we wanted to become entrepreneurs. I’ve learnt to set myself goals and achieve them. Competitive sport helps!” 

The first model soon arrived on the market, and despite its unusual look, it proved a big hit with users. “Motion sickness affects 1 in 3 people and is caused by a sensory conflict between the inner ear, which perceives movement, and the eye, which does not. Our novel approach is to convey the reality of movement to the eye.” 

The marine industry rewarded their expertise with a Dame Award in 2013, and they won the 1st Innov’inMed Health & Life Science prize in 2017. The automotive sector has shown an interest, and the CES Innovation Award won in Las Vegas in 2019 has satisfied Boarding Ring’s international ambitions. Last summer saw the addition of a model adapted to children under ten. Sunglasses are also available with polarised filters (for children aged ten and over). And cyberspace explorers will be delighted with the solution in development to combat virtual space sickness.


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