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April 2024

Alexandra et Luc Dessauvages

Tan through swimwear

By Laurence Jacquet

Alexandra and Luc Dessauvages share a passion for board sports, and they love the Côte d’Azur. In 2015, they created Tahitian Adventure, running Polynesian canoe trips from the Îles de Lerins to the Gulf of Saint-Tropez for the next two years. Spending so much time in the sun they got to thinking about swimwear that would let a suntan through but keep out damaging UV wavelengths, putting an end to  the tan lines and white bits. Quite a challenge, but in 2021 they launched Bikunu and its first collection of anti-UV tan-though swimwear. Today, their company designs and makes all its models in Le Cannet: bikinis, swimsuits, swim shorts for men, T-shirts, beachwear, shirts etc, all produced by eco-friendly methods (OEKO-TEX label). 

“The Sunselect® intelligent textiles we use let through only 8% of UVB rays and 20% of UVA, selecting only the wavelengths that are needed for tanning.” It’s a revolution in the field of sun protection garments “because, so far, there have only been anti-UV T-shirts. They protect the skin but leave obvious tan lines.” Bikunu models also owe their efficacy to their colours, patterns, design and stitching, all chosen to facilitate tanning. “In 2023 we started a partnership with Nice University’s science faculty, the Institut de Physique de Nice (INPHYNI) and the CNRS research agency, to help develop our products with the use of their cutting-edge spectrometers (which measure wavelengths).”


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