We feature artists, Michelin-starred chefs, designers, racing drivers, fashion designers and even beekeepers. All of them all movers and shakers in their field of endeavour, be it the luxury world or the region's cultural, economic or social spheres. Read their unfiltered accounts of their lives, careers, dreams, ambitions and projects.

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  • Sommelière de l’année
  • 100% green water toys
  • Reconciling ocean conservation with watersports was the challenge set by the designer of the Esurf R, the most efficient electric surfboard on the market. The result is a revolutionary machine that’s eco-friendly, fun and “Made in Monaco”.
  • In love with urban gardens
  • Jessica Sbaraglia wants every city dweller to have a lush and delicious green space, so she advocates for urban gardening and has created rooftop vegetable gardens everywhere from her native Switzerland to Monaco to Nice.
  • Battling sexism in AI
  • Daphné Marnat, who lives in Nice, is campaigning for people-based technology and a place for women in the digital world. According to UNESCO, only 22% of professionals working in Artificial Intelligence are women.
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