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December 2022

La Cantine de Mémé

Moving to the South...


The concept of a chic and friendly refectory was born in Paris in the 17th arrondissement. Mehdi Dubrulle founded this restaurant, a young gastronomy enthusiast who spent his childhood with remarkable women who gave him a taste for good food. After a trip around the world and a few years in Batignolles—home to his first Cantine de Mémé—his experience and entrepreneurial spirit led him to Nice. Supported by his chef Marie Lemoine, the restaurant promises some great surprises for your taste buds: a creamy risotto with black Périgord truffles, pan-fried scallops and Parmigiano cheese, crispy sweetbreads served with confit salsify, sautéed oyster mushrooms and blackcurrant butter... and Mémé’s deconstructed pavlova.cNice, Impasse Longchamp. Tél. 09 67 38 85 31.

By Laurence Jacquet


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