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December 2019

Jean-Patrice Paci

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"Chocolate – I fell into it like Obelix into the magic potion!" The son of a master chocolatier in Saint-Raphaël, Jean-Patrice Paci became a virtuoso chocolate maker against his father's will. "He didn't want me to go into the same trade, he felt it was too hard; but when I was little I couldn't help myself watch him work and copy him." But Jean-Patrice additionally studied fine arts, which meant that when he opened his first shop, in Nice in 1996, he was able to combine his joint passions for art and chocolate into creating confectionery masterpieces. His speciality? Niçois ravioli in frangipane-flavoured almond paste stuffed with a dark chocolate ganache, and he uses his grandmother's cutter to cut them out. Jean-Patrice demonstrates his originality this Christmas by creating 80-plus different sweet treats, but only 10 of each. This gives customers a sense of exclusivity in being able to treat themselves to nearly-unique delicacies ranging from traditional crib scenes to baubles to Rudolf the reindeer – something for everyone!

28 rue Hoche 

19 avenue Notre-Dame