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December 2023

La Gaya Scienza, Nice

Faire, nager, s’envoler

Par Tanja Stojanov
© Laure Prouvost Laure Prouvost, Every Sunday, GrandMa, 2022, installation vidéo.

La Gaya Scienza is a new space in Nice located in an old apartment characterised by stained glass windows, sky and plants. It was designed to allow artists to experiment, host events for the public, and cultivate a sensitive approach to art and the feelings it provokes. The project was spearheaded by collector Eric Castaldi, the husband of artist Sylvia Leone-Castaldi, and his daughter Anna Castaldi, co-founders of the La Gaya Scienza endowment fund. For this inaugural exhibition, around ten artists were invited to present work inspired by Marcelle Cahn and her painting La Nageuse (The Swimmer). Wings grow on the back of the grandmother of visual artist Laure Prouvost in the video installation Every Sunday, GrandMa. Laëtitia Bourget observes the cycles of her body and the seasons, while artist Hélène Bertin, who builds totems and shelters, reconnects with ancient rituals.


Jusqu’au 16 mars

9 bis rue Dalpozzo, Nice

Tél. 07 60 41 64 54 


+ d'art et culture