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July 2023

Biennale Internationale Saint-Paul-de-Vence

Au hasard des oiseaux

Par Tanja Stojanov
Anna Hulačová, From the Food Chain to Eternity, 2023. Courtesy de l’artiste et du centre Hunt Kastner, Prague.© Frédéric Pasquini

This third edition, inspired by the images and symbolism of birds, is a collection of works by contemporary artists of different origins and generations. “Birds, their movements and their nests are the fascinating inhabitants of a world above our heads, in the highest part of the buildings, within the branches of trees, and through the artworks displayed on the squares and fountains and in the streets of the village, they become partners, ready to converse with the thousands of summer visitors”, explains Olivier Kaeppelin, president of the organisation running the exhibition. The open-air experience includes an encounter with a unnervingly odd pink flamingo by Jean-Marie Appriou, a multifaceted bird by Xavier Veilhan and a specimen of several different identities designed by Caroline Mesquita.


Jusqu’au 1er octobre, vieux-village, Saint-Paul-de-Vence 

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