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July 2023

Sculptures in the city

Moya, Orlinski, Mas, Nys, Sosno... monumental works take to the streets of Nice, Cap3000 and the Polygone Riviera for unpredictable encounters with animals and the human body.

Richard Orlinski a installé son T-Rex sur la Coulée verte, square Leclerc à Nice. © David Nouy
Une Vénus de Milo de Sosno en acier, réalisée en 1995, à voir au Polygone Riviera.
Les sculptures de Richard Mas déambulent à Cap3000.

Recently unveiled, Moya's blue sculpture on Place du Pin in Nice! The artist's famous sheep represents Dolly, referring to the first cloned animal, adopted as their emblem by the electro parties organised in the South with the Centre LGBTQIA+. 

As for artist Richard Orlinski, he is unleashing his sculptures in ten iconic locations in Nice until 30 September: monumental Kongs, a Standing Bear, T-Rex, and crocodile...  from Avenue Gambetta to the port, via Gare Thiers and Place Massena. More than 20 years after the inauguration of the Tête carrée in Nice, an inhabited sculpture by Sacha Sosno, the artist is exhibiting at the Polygone Riviera in Cagnes-sur-Mer, along with his former assistant and friend Hervé Nys, until 14 November. 

The aim is to surprise visitors to this open-air shopping centre with monumental sculptures in aluminium, bronze, marble, or resin by the postage stamp specialist and automotive objects and parts Hervé Nys has hijacked from their everyday lives. 

Eleven works by sculptor Richard Mas are also encountering people at Cap3000. 

From bodies with oversize mouths and noses to a pear that turns into a female bust, this self-taught artist has taken a humorous and entertaining look at the human body and plants. The exhibition, also held outdoors in a stunning garden, fits in perfectly with the sculptor's approach - he loved being in contact and exchanging ideas with the public.

La Dolly, la tête dans les nuages, de Patrick Moya, place du Pin à Nice.
Hervé Nys réinterprète les pièces issues de l’automobile.


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