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December 2022

Espace culturel départemental Lympia, Nice

Louis Pons retrospective

Louis Pons, Les Grands Docks, tableau sculpture, assemblage de divers éléments montés sur panneau (bois, métal, tissu, jouet, etc.), 182 x 126 cm. 

Pons liked to say that “the tool knows more than the hand and the hand more than the head”. His output has been compared to Surrealism and to Outsider Art. Born in Marseille, he was first a metalworker, then a press cartoonist and self-taught artist. He produced ink drawings swarming with plant forms, insects and hybrid animal shapes, and sculpture-pictures assembled from junk. These might include spools, model boats, clothes pegs and miscellaneous wooden objects. His way of using salvaged waste resembles that of the Nouveau Réalistes, who also collected everyday objects to give them a new lease of life in their artworks. 

Jusqu’au 26 février
2 Quai Entrecasteaux, Nice
Tél. 04 89 04 53 10


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