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December 2022


Celebrating flower power


L’œuvre de Hierro mêle symboles et graphismes.
Jean-Antoine Hierro, dans la chapelle qu’il a entièrement peinte à Villeplane, un des hameaux de Guillaumes, et qui porte désormais le nom de l'artiste.

He has just finished decorating a chapel, henceforth named after him, in Guillaumes, up in the hills: hibiscus, orchids and imaginary flowers, a paradise with no human figures. It was a long project, involving 62 days’ work on-site. Hierro was born in Casablanca and settled in Nice in his teens. He is a painter, scenographer, designer and musician, a nomad at heart, who likes to create according to the places and people he encounters. His heritage is classical painting but he has enriched it with contemporary practices. In 2018 he had a show called Urban garden at La Menuiserie in Nice: a luxuriant garden where words, flowers, poetry and colours together were fired by an energetic street art spirit. His work featured on the cover of COTE on that occasion, and he also won the COTE Eco award. Hierro wants his art to give hope and help us rise above the mire. Next year he is heading to New York to do some painting, and to Prague for a big exhibition. 

By Tanja Stojanov


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