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December 2022

Let’s meet in the Metaverse

L’œuvre de Moya, avec ses personnages, se déploie aussi sur la toile numérique. 

Several COTE Magazine issues have featured Moya’s work on the cover and he illustrated the editorials in the July 2000 and June 2009 issues. In Moya’s world you meet a figure with a Pinocchio nose who is Moya himself, and a pink sheep that has been adopted by the electro Dolly Parties as their emblem. Examples of his work are the big mural at Hôpital Pasteur and the carousel in the Jardin des Arènes de Cimiez. Moya was a pioneer of digital art long before NFTs arrived on the scene. Fascinated by the history of communication and the media, he has created a utopian space on Second Life that anyone can visit, and he hopes you will. He runs it from his studio at home in Nice, and if he happens to be in Moyaland when you are there he will show you around. He has been immersed in the Metaverse for the past 15 years and gives regular talks on the subject. He has just published a book, Ma Vie dans le Métavers, telling the story of that network of virtual environments. Moya is very active locally and increasingly busy in the rest of France and abroad. He has an exhibition at the L’estranger reception centre in Barcelona in December and another at the Maison de la Céramique Terra Rossa in Salernes in June.

By Tanja Stojanov


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