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December 2022


Our everyday attitudes

L’artiste travaille désormais à des familles comme cette scène de vie Together. 
Zed, dans son atelier, a l'acier.

David Zeller, better known as ZED, has that ultra-positive attitude that brings a smile to the face despite the ambient doom and gloom. Rather than adopt a disenchanted posture or do work on dismembered bodies, he decided to go against the grain. So he invented Flexo, a sculpture resembling a pictogram. In the beginning Flexo was made from offcuts of Plexiglas salvaged one day from a pile of industrial waste. That set him off, and since then Flexo has grown from modest size to enormous. He has been seen in a huge variety of postures, embodying the multiplicity of our daily behaviours. He may be transparent or opaque, he may be made of plastic, steel or even bronze. While the ArchiCOTE trophies awarded in earlier years were designed by Sosno, for the past eight years winners of that architecture competition have walked away with Flexos in their arms: Flexos with their hands above their heads, pointing out the vital importance of a roof. With some 30 galleries representing him, ZED now exhibits from Tokyo to Miami and all over Europe. In France Flexo can be found at art3f fairs. ZED is now working on Flexo families with the theme of “living together”.


By Tanja Stojanov


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