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September 2022

Centre international d’Art Contemporain de Carros

  • André Marzuk, Eyes Burning with Colour
Détail de la chambre d’André Marzuk, sur le thème d’Hiroshima et la mort.

The exhibition opens with a bold gesture: André Marzuk’s former bedroom completely covered with paint as if a tragic event had befallen it. The artist invites visitors to keep looking for the horizon in this retrospective, which retraces 50 years of creativity from 1968 to the present day. He takes visitors on a journey through the drawing space, under poetry and music’s complicit gaze as muses, and when he creates his wooden paintings, Marzuk excels in this tekhnè which has no regard for distinctions of the mind between art and craft. Polylobes are symbols of unity for the artist, which he then fragments into several pieces representing multiplicity.

Jusqu’au 18 décembre
Château de Carros, le village
Tél. 04 93 29 37 97 -


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