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September 2022

Musée International de la Parfumerie de Grasse

  • Inhaling art.
Installation olfactive Migratory Sense d’Helga Griffiths avec le parfumeur Karl-Heinz Bork. © Carlo Barbiero

Today’s artistic creativity leaves more and more room for experience, unlike fine art, which essentially connects with visitors through the eyes. Artist collaborations with major perfume houses may have contributed to reinventing bottles – Dali for Elsa Schiaparelli or Othoniel for Christian Dior – but the field of contemporary olfactory art is constantly expanding. This exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to inhale original artworks, such as Sophie Calle’s The Smell of Money and Brazilian visual artist Ernesto Neto’s clove scents. An opportunity too to smell the Revival of lavender and Italian straw flower by Peter de Cupere, a Belgian artist specialising in olfactory art, the Hair of Berenice made of rose petals by Isa Barbier, and to question the fetishist cult devoted to luxury objects with Sylvie Fleuri’s Color Lab.

Jusqu’au 5 mars 2023
2 boulevard du Jeu de Ballon, Grasse
Tél. 04 97 05 58 11


+ d'art et culture