From the creation of original products to the new information and communication technologies, local businesses are a major asset for the region. Covering the economy, banking, property, town planning, architecture and more, this section puts you in close touch with initiatives and changes in our towns.
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  • Our start-ups are doing well!. The Aix-Marseille French Tech energizes them
  • The success of our start-ups, which is celebrated in all international events, is the result of their quality and innovative character, but also of the initiatives developed by the Aix-Marseille/Region Sud French Tech. Here are 4 examples.
  • Notre capitale européenne de l’innovation
  • Il y a eu Athènes, Paris, Barcelone, Amsterdam et Dortmund… Le 7 décembre dernier, Aix-Marseille-Provence a rejoint le set prodigieux des capitales européennes de l’innovation, un label qui lui permet d’intégrer le réseau iCapital.
  • The new face of French Tech
  • The jury of the ArchiCOTE competition organized by COTE Magazine, the regional Syndicat des Architectes and the Société des Architectes met in Marseille on 7 July to choose the winners of this first Provence edition.
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