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April 2023

Tech Santé

For the good of health

Young innovative companies have chosen to dedicate their activities to health. These start-ups, which are valued and supported by La French Tech, are revolutionizing practices and treatments.

By Mathilde Hingray
ImCheck : Derrière chaque avancée, une équipe de professionnels soudée.

ImCheck Therapeutics

Immunotherapy and cancer

In conjunction with biotechnology, ImCheck Therapeutics is revolutionizing technical immunotherapy that works with the immune system to eliminate cancer cells. Performed in the laboratory, the ICT01 antibody activates Gamma-delta T cells, which are then injected into the patient in single drug treatment or in combination with other treatments. A first study demonstrated the non-toxicity of the product for patients as well as a significant reduction in their tumour loads.

Rofim : Réunion de concertation entre plusieurs spécialistes qui partagent en direct le dossier d’un patient.


Global telemedicine platform

Rofim’s platform improves patient care, while offering exchange and training solutions to practitioners. Designed in 2018 by vascular surgeon David Bensoussan, it meets the daily needs of doctors who may want to ask a colleague’s opinion on a patient’s case, discuss new procedures or transfer data securely. Its co-founder Emilie Mercadal explains that “Rofim makes digital technology an asset for sharing information and changing practices”. Rofim has been developing a new module facilitating national multidisciplinary remote consultation meetings for certain rare disease sectors since 2019. Today, more than 600 health facilities are equipped with it.

Volta : Opération à cœur ouvert assistée par le logiciel Volta Médical.

Volta Médical

A revolution in cardiac surgery

Since 2016, Volta Medical has been developing participating in clinical studies concerning its artificial intelligence atrial fibrillation software. The latter assists surgeons identify and treat cardiac arrhythmias, which affect more than 33 million people worldwide. Using probes inserted into the patient’s heart, the software maps the organ and identifies the affected parts. The doctor then adapts his care strategy. 


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