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April 2023


Alternative energy

When you know that today 80% of electricity is nuclear sourced, it’s clear that hydrogen is still underexploited. Thanks to an innovative process, HySiLabs is responding to the cost, transport and storage problems related to using this molecule.

By Mathilde Hingray
L’équipe HySiLabs se compose de spécialistes en énergies renouvelables, mécanique, chimie et propriété intellectuelle.
Un dérivé de silice absorbe et relargue facilement le gaz à pression ambiante.

Hydrogen is a low-carbon energy source and of major energy interest for tomorrow’s world. It was while studying at university that Pierre-Emmanuel Casanova and Vincent Lôme made a discovery that revolutionized the use of hydrogen and removed the problems caused by its gaseous form.  It can be used and transported easily and safely. There is no longer any need for high-pressure storage cylinders! After ten years of research and development, the two former students created their start-up HySiLabs in 2015. Today the company enjoys support from major investors and it wants to offer similar logistics to that of petroleum products and roll out its technology on a large scale. 


Innovation and future roll outs

Thanks to HySiLabs’ unique patented process, molecules can be locked in a liquid and released on demand. The HydroSil solution offers multiple advantages: it is non-organic, non-explosive and non-toxic for humans and the environment. When combined with a fuel cell, hydrogen can be used as fuel for electric vehicles or provide electricity in future eco-districts. 

The company is working on several industrial projects: H2Gate with the Port of Amsterdam (for industrial-scale hydrogen storage) and QualifHY with Helion Hydrogen Power (combining the HySiLabs solution with fuel cells). The company has also signed a protocol agreement with Vinci Geostock to test underground hydrogen storage. There are beautiful opportunities on the horizon!


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