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April 2023

Helio Water

Water for all!

Today, more than 2 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water. Developed by the Var-based company Marine Tech, HELIO technology makes it possible to transform any water source into drinking water.

By Mathilde Hingray
Helio est un système 100 % autonome fonctionnant uniquement avec l’énergie solaire.

Helio Water

Helio technology is completely autonomous and makes it possible to naturally transform all types of water (including seawater) into pure water using only one source of energy - the sun. The production unit is shaped like a sphere and works with solar panels. Thanks to its autonomous distilling and mineralization process, unclean water is pumped to the center of the sphere. The heat causes impurities and bacteria to evaporate upwards in the form of microdroplets and then drop to the bottom of the sphere. Each unit is designed to meet the water needs of a family of 5, or about 10 daily litres of water. Helio units can be fitted on a rental basis and adapted to technical constraints and needs, whilst producing drinking water for hundreds of people.  A unit is easy to install and use and has a lifespan of about thirty years. The price of a unit today is 7,980.00 € inclusive of VAT.


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