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April 2023

Our start-ups are doing well!

The Aix-Marseille French Tech energizes them

The success of our start-ups, which is celebrated in all international events, is the result of their quality and innovative character, but also of the initiatives developed by the Aix-Marseille/Region Sud French Tech. Here are 4 examples.

By Maurice Gouiran 
Le Grand Bain a permis démos et échanges entre associations, grandes entreprises, pouvoirs publics, artistes, étudiants, experts et start-up.
Pour Elodie Sarfati, tout commence par l’expression des besoins du client.
Marion Canale et Sophie Canale Parola : un entrepreneuriat en famille !
Clean Water Pathfinder parcourt aujourd’hui les canalisations de DN250 à DN400.
10 minutes d’installation pour des mesures en continu 7j/ et 24h/24

The Aix-Marseille French Tech (which has 601 members including 500 start-ups) had a particularly successful year in 2022 with 4 winners of the Next 40/120 French Tech programme – Crosscall, ImCheck Therapeutics, Skeepers and Gojob. This programme is dedicated to late-stage start-ups that are able to become world-class technological leaders. HySiLabs was awarded a prize in the Green20 French Tech, and Iadys did the same in the DeepNum French Tech. French Tech happily continued its Tremplin French Tech, Central French Tech and Rise French Tech programmes before closing 2022 with the Grand Bain, a major annual meeting of inclusive and sustainable tech, which brought together nearly 1,000 participants and generated more than 400 meetings.


People In

It is undoubtedly her diverse professional experience, which translate into a rather complex and a not very decipherable CV garnering little success among HR directors, that led Elodie Sarfati to create People In in 2017. The Avignon start-up has been offering an innovative recruitment service via an operational platform since mid-2021. This digital tool, which is tailor-made from the needs expressed by a client company, uses online tests to pre-select relevant candidates in terms of know-how and interpersonal skills. It opens recruitment to other categories of candidates and does away with processing CVs that are increasingly difficult to understand in a context where professional mobility, which was accentuated by the health crisis, has become the norm.



Since 2018, Telaqua has been promoting smart irrigation and putting digital technology at the service of agricultural ecological transition. The Marseilles start-up designs connected solutions for large agricultural groups to manage irrigation remotely over thousands of hectares. To this end, it designed and produced the Irrigeasy software, and associated Agromote and Mano sensors, thus remotely controlling the pumps and pressure respectively. The first tests, carried out in South America and Africa, have led to water and electricity savings of more than 10%, combined with significant time savings. Telaqua now employs 25 people and is present on 3 continents.



Cearitis has developed a natural alternative to insecticides to protect arboriculture from pests, especially against Diptera. Its innovative biocontrol system, which can be adapted to any type of crop, uses attractive and repellent chemical compounds and offers full support to arborists. The two cousins, Marion Canale and Solena Canale Parola, created Cearitis in 2020 for historical and family reasons and concentrated on fighting the olive fly. The solution that will be marketed in 2024-2025 will target cherries. The team of 8 engineers continues its tests on different terrains with a view to obtaining the necessary approvals and labels.


ACWA Robotics

Robotics and digital technology are now being used to preserve water resources and maintain networks since ACWA Robotics developed its Clean Water Pathfinder, an intelligent autonomous robot that travels and documents drinking water pipes without altering their flow. Canaloc technology completes the device by establishing a single network route and associating the collected data. The project, which was created in Bastia, is now being developed in Aix-en-Provence, where it benefits from a strategic partnership with the Société du canal de Provence. At the end of the many pilot projects, the solution could be ready for sale from early 2024.


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