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October 2022

Villa Mounta Cala, Marseille

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This newly-built house reinvents the urban Provençal tradition and fits perfectly into the hilly Vauban district with its labyrinth of stairways. The design plays romantically with local codes. The smooth mottled grey of the façade contrasts with the milky white and clean lines of the interior. The three floors are linked by a light and airy central staircase. On the ground floor are a double garage, a laundry room and a utilities area. On the first floor, the children’s room is flanked on each side by a bedroom with walk-in wardrobe, office area and shared bathroom. On the second floor, the living room under the rafters boasts an unusual patio with bejmat tiling, concrete benches and a view of Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde. The open kitchen creates a convivial atmosphere. On the mezzanine, the master suite, bathroom and dressing room boast white Barcelona stone floors.

The jury’s opinion
Here’s proof that you can have a house of your own in the city (without a garden), adopting a vertical lifestyle against the hillside and doing without a garden. The building becomes a piece in the topographical jigsaw and an integral part of the neighbourhood.






Maîtrise d’ouvrage : Privée.
Opération : Construction d’une maison de ville.
Architectes : Architecture 54 (Pascale Bartoli et Thierry Lombardi)
Surface : SHON 140 m2
Montant des travaux : 220 000 € HT
Livraison : 2019



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