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October 2022

Logements Château-Gombert

  • Group Housing prize
Les 5 maisonnées parfaitement intégrées dans l’existant.

Château-Gombert on the outskirts of Marseille is an area of detached houses, small apartment blocks and service industries, with identity markers linked to its agricultural past and hilly surroundings. The architects of this block of 40 housing units with parking space have responded to the site by designing a long, straight building with a series of pitched roofs, facing south and with an open view. The effect is like a terrace of five adjoining four-floor houses, making a harmonious transition between the small scale of the neighbourhood’s detached homes and the large scale of the apartment blocks. Sustainable development was a central concern for the architects. They have tailored the building to Marseille’s climate and been attentive to quality of use.

The jury’s opinion
The project comprises a stylish, well-designed set of apartments, almost all of them dual-aspect. They are compact and simple in form without being simplistic or banal. The space for outdoor pedestrian flow is cleverly designed.

Maitrise d’ouvrage : SOGIMA
Architecte : PAN Architecture
Surface SHON : 2 323 m2
Montant des travaux : 3 500 000 € HT
Date de livraison : 2021



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