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October 2022

Florence Vesva

  • Architectural Photography Prize
Un domaine entre vignes et pins parasols
Pour le plaisir de la dégustation…

Maîtrise d’ouvrage : SCEA Fondugues Pradugues (Ramatuelle)
Architecte : Signum (Juan Carlos Fernandez), Techni Architecture (Pascal Costamagna, Mathilde Minebois architecte associée)
Surface SHON : 1 300 m²
Montant des travaux : 2 200 000 € HT
Date de livraison : juillet 2021

Un chai moderne pour élever des vins de Provence uniques en rouge et en rosé.

The Fondugues Pradugues wine estate stands in a remarkable spot near the beaches of Ramatuelle. Its owners wanted a winery building that would reflect their biodynamic approach to winemaking. The place they chose was a pine wood not far from the road, avoiding encroaching on the vineyard, leaving as many pines standing as possible, and allowing the building to blend harmoniously with its surroundings. The buildings look entirely natural and self-effacing in the trees’ shade.Materials, textures and colours echo the environment: sand-coloured masonry base and an effective use of wood, in resonance with the trunks of the surrounding trees. Large picture windows alternate with dark wood doors. Teamwork was involved throughout, from the landscaping with Jean Mus to the design of the furniture for the winery reception area. The result is a harmonious whole.

The jury’s opinion
The photographer has framed his subject simply, shooting in late afternoon light, with green vine rows in the foreground for contrast. The views of the interior and outside area convey a clear picture of the architecture, built with biosourced materials like lime and wood.


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