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May 2021

Getup Agency

Pioneer in 8K streaming !

Thanks to Getup Agency and its expertise in 5G, The Explorers Foundation has successfully inventoried all the Earth’s natural, cultural, and human wonders and put them online for all the world to see.

L’équipe de Getup Agency.

The initial challenge was formidable: offer extraordinary videos and photos in 8K, the highest possible definition. So, The Explorers naturally turned to their long-time partner, Getup, a 360° digital agency in La Farlède (Var). Getup Agency comes up with extraordinary ideas—and implements them—in support of innovative, creative projects. The Explorers Foundation project was, of course, a smashing success. Not only did Apple award the application a prize, but The Explorers’superb broadcasts can now be accessed through a friendly and fluid Smart TV interface that is available across the globe and has been translated into 15 languages. Broadcasts are available to premium subscribers for less than 3 euros per month, and content is updated daily. (Ten percent of the subscription price is donated to The Explorers Foundation, which uses the money to support concrete actions to protect biodiversity.) The interface, installed on more than 10 million Samsung televisions, has become a reference for ultra-HD 8K streaming. It has also made its creator, Getup Agency, the first to put 8K content on the market—an outstanding performance for the young, dynamic team specialised in mobile apps as well as e-commerce and other websites.


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