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May 2021

If it’s French, it’s on Frach!

Frach, the first ‘Made in France’ marketplace for all types of products, puts 100% French production just a click away. Thanks to the online store, buying ordinary products of French origin has never been so easy.

L’équipe vauclusienne de Frach.

The online platform that Jan Prudik created in September 2020 in Cavaillon includes only French manufacturers because Frach (a contraction of français and acheter, or buy) supports made-in-France products. It does so for many reasons. First, such products are made with real French know-how and are high in quality. Second, buying French is good for the planet: locally produced goods have a lower carbon footprint, and French companies support sustainable development. And finally, local purchases have economic and social value: they help develop the local economy and save jobs.
Frach facilitates such purchases on a daily basis. Its vast catalogue includes many different categories of products, including fashion, toys, biocosmetics, regional culinary specialties, furniture, musical instruments, baby and childcare products, garden supplies, etc. The site includes hundreds of French brands to be discovered via a product-category search or direct access to vendors’ websites.
(It is also possible to search by French region or département) Each item is minutely described with answers to the following questions: where is it made? is it environmentally responsible? what is it made of? and by whom? Frach is a vast project that is sure to change our habits of consumption.


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