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March 2021

Provence, the sports lovers' paradise

  • Physical activity is a way of life for more than half the population of our region. And that's not so surprising.

Provence, the sports lovers' paradise

What's on the wrists of today's heroines? Physical activity is a way of life for more than half the population of our region. And that's not so surprising.

Par Maurice Gouiran


L’emblématique stade Vélodrome cristallise toutes nos envies de sport.
Our region has all the assets. It has a sunny Mediterranean climate where open-air sports and leisure activities go on all year round. Its geography embraces sea and mountains, enabling a wide range of sports from skiing to sailing, rock-climbing to canyoning and paragliding to scuba diving. And it's well endowed with sports facilities of every kind. 
Added to all that, our youngsters have always been inspired by the many major international events held here. Upcoming events are the 2023 rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic games (our region will be the one hosting the most events outside of Paris).
Most sports, of course, began as elitist pastimes and have only recently become accessible to all social classes, especially thanks to sponsors who have realised the value of supporting such activities. 


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