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  • Ten years ago Marseille-Provence was European Capital of Culture, an event well worth remembering. We wanted it to last forever, and we’re not alone in that.
  • From the Old Port to the Arenc CEPAC Silo. Heritage, 2013
  • The Marseille coastline, with its 57km maritime façade – from Calanques to Estaque – has undergone a complete metamorphosis, in no small part because of Marseille CEC 2013.
  • Looking back to a capital year for culture
  • 2013, when Marseille was European Capital of Culture, was a magical year for Provence. It featured 900 successful artistic projects of many different kinds and has left a host of memories in people’s minds throughout the region. So much so that, ten years on, it’s worth looking back to take a journey through that remarkable time.
  • Sharing culture from port to port
  • This autumn the museum-boat Artexplorer will set sail from Marseille on a long Mediterranean voyage with multiple ports of call, providing innovative artistic and cultural experiences to visitors.
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