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May 2021
Le Gramme joue la carte du bijou aux formes pures.

Le Gramme

Man jewellery.

There's a concept behind Le Gramme: to just make spare, minimalist jewellery for men, with an original feature: each item is engraved with its weight in grams. That's the golden rule laid down by founder Erwan Le Louër. These very masculine items for the stylish man include smoothly polished silver rings and bracelets made like steel cables. They can be found at Marseille jeweller Frodo who, to celebrate the first year of a fruitful partnership, will be opening a new shop in Saint-Tropez this summer.

Chez Frojo,
17 rue Grignan
Marseille 6ème
Tél. 04 91 54 88 78
6 rue Paradis, Marseille 1er – Tél. 04 91 72 02 03


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