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May 2021

A new kind of treasure

Making new from old… Anyone can excel at this trend! You just need to be curious, on the look-out for materials… and have good ideas.

By Caroline Guiol
Un air de grand large pour se laisser porter au vent, à quai ou en mer…
S'initier à la culture facile des plantes grasses, avec les ludiques Green-Box.
L'indigo en vedette, en haut d'une envolée d'escaliers... / © Malika Mokadem

localanque. Sailing forth. 

Skipper Yannick Long takes groups out for excursions in the bay of Marseille aboard Localanque’s boats. But once back on land, he turns sails damaged by sea air and salt into dashing, sturdy, multi-purpose accessories. Yannick takes the company’s old sails and remnants of PVC plastic to La Ficelle, Yolande Lombardo’s nautical tack shop. There, with the help of habile hands trained in her job integration workshop, Yolande gives old materials a new lease on life. Sails are washed, ironed, cut into pieces… and quickly turned into one-of-a-kind articles including totes, shopping bags, footstools, etc., with intricate stitching and nautical labels and stamps (40-90 €).

Atelier la Ficelle, 
21 rue Neuve Sainte-Catherine, Marseille 7e
et Localanque, 22 rue de la Loge, Marseille 2e.

made moiselle gaelle. Green touch.

Gaelle Monfort likes to be known as a ‘city gardener’Her ‘MADE Moiselle’company sees life through an ecological lens with its Green Boxes—in fact, food tins recycled into pots! ‘Salvage’spirit, trendy, original and responsible design… it was an idea just waiting to be found. Gaelle takes barrels and tins that once held infant formula, pizza sauce, coffee, etc., cleans and polishes them with black soap and vinegar, and pokes holes in the bottom before decorating with customised paintings. The pots are then heated in a kiln. No solvents are used, and the pots are resistant to both shocks and weather. Succulents thrive in these pots, which come in a rainbow of colours. Price 12 € and up.

Pépinière Tirand La Main Verte et Griin
à Aubagne
For-Atao et l'Atelier Vert à Marseille

l'atelier du quartier. Travellers’den.

For 40 years now, Jean-Pierre Gassa has divided his time between Marseille and Saint-Tropez. This fashion trend-setter is the epitome of style and allure. Upstairs from his Royal-Navy shop, a cosy workshop tells the story of his life. It is filled with objects found here and there, military uniforms, fabrics and souvenirs brought back from Africa and Asia. “Recycling is a philosophy here. We don’t throw anything away! Indigo, weavings, denim, and Chinese blue predominate in incredible patchworked fabrics used for cushions, tablecloths, curtains, lawn chair mattresses, etc.

L'Atelier du Quartier, 35 rue Paradis, Marseille 1er.
Sur rdv au 04 91 33 03 40

En temps et en heure, la quête de modèles stylés, comme ces cadres soviétiques des années 60, par Café Noir

cafe noir. Vintage watches.

Before creating the online shop Café Noir in 2019, Maxime Garabedian got a master’s degree with a focus on the luxury sector and took time to travel around the world. His thesis, ‘L’Horlogerie, le Miroir des Princes Modernes’ (Watchmaking, mirror of modern princes) says a lot about Maxime’s quest as a collector. The young entrepreneur identifies possible sources, finds rare specimens, and then buys, restores, and sells watches ranging from Soviet models made between 1950 and 1975 to watches that once belonged to army generals or sports stars. The echnically rare and beautiful watches are sold with two interchangeable bracelets (leather and Perlon) and a booklet on their origin, for 200-500 euros. The price includes a six-month guarantee, inspection and servicing in Maxime’s workshop, and shipping.

Au Diable Méridien,
8 rue Edmond-Rostand, Marseille 6e
et chez Apollo Heritage Store,
61 rue Sainte, Marseille 1er


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