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July 2020

Frojo Saint-Tropez

  • Welcome to Vhernier and Fabergé!




 Bagues Calla en or rose et diamants et Abraccio en or rose, Vhernier. Pendentif multicolore « Treillage » en or rose, Fabergé. Bracelet Giunco, en or blanc et diamants, Vhernier.

A reference in the field of watchmaking and jewellery, Frojo takes us on a journey in its Saint-Tropez vitrines with two brands, Italian jeweller Vhernier and the Russian House of Fabergé. While the former stands out for its contemporary architectural style, unusual in jewellery, the latter, already present last year and particularly well-known for its precious eggs,
returns to the classic themes that have made its history. High-profile girls cannot resist the modernity of Vhernier's sculptural jewellery, with its graphic asymmetries and original material combinations. Those with more elegant tastes go for something more classic and set their sights on Fabergé's romantic lines.

Saint-Tropez, Place de la Garonne - Tél. 04 94 97 58 13


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