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October 2023

Couleurs de Shimatani

An explosion of creativity

By Clotilde Roux

An explosion of creativity. Yuichiro and Mika Shimatani worked in top restaurants before they fell in love with La Ciotat and decided to settle there. Yuichiro at the stove and Mika making desserts, they produce a creative combination of Mediterranean and Japanese flavours. One thing you can be sure of: everything on the carte blanche menu is made from fresh, seasonal produce. Couleurs de Shimanati was awarded a Michelin star in 2023. It attracts both knowledgeable gourmets and diners eager for something new.

Ouvert au déjeuner du jeudi au lundi. Dîner à emporter le samedi soir

5 rue Edgard Quinet, 13600 La Ciotat – Tél. 04 86 18 92 16


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