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July 2023

Maison Revka

Dining in a garden

By Laurence Jacquet
© DR

The Russian house in the Paris 16th arrondissement moves to Place des Lices. Set in a fabulous garden dotted with roses and jasmine. Wrought-iron armchairs decorated with floral cushions and bird motifs, tables covered with tablecloths and lit by lanterns create a romantic setting! Signature dishes include smoked or coulibiac salmon, caviar linguine - and this summer’s new arrivals: cod loin with green asparagus, king crab salad, strawberry basil pavlova... Enjoy caviar pizzetta, smoked salmon and taramas at the outdoor bar, accompanied by cocktails or exceptional vodkas. Continuing the experience, Maison Revka has opened a “delicatessen-boutique” offering caviar, coulibiac salmon, teas, and vodkas besides silk pyjamas, slippers, crockery, and linen...

Saint-Tropez, place des Lices. Tél. 01 40 62 72 05


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