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May 2023

Pierre Marty

A new take on dining pleasure at Coquillade Provence

By Clotilde Roux
Un nouveau chef globe-trotteur aux commandes de Coquillade Provence. @ Coquillade Provence

Pierre Marty, 33, wanted to  strike out on his own after 14 years travelling the world for Alain Ducasse. So now he’s executive chef at Coquillade Provence. “I had the best training one could wish for, but I felt it was time to express myself,” he says. He’s worked on the French Riviera, at the Islamic Art Museum in Qatar, at Alain Ducasse at the Morpheus, Macao, where he earned two Michelin stars in 2018, and more recently at Ducasse Sur Seine in Paris. But he wanted a new challenge, far from the buzz of big cities. He keeps to seasonal ingredients, which he sources nearby, and gives French cuisine a twist using spices, herbs and techniques garnered on his travels. “Those influences are part of me and inspire my cooking,” he says. To the Coquillade’s two bars and three restaurants (including the Avelan gastronomic restaurant) he brings demanding standards and a new dynamism. “Boredom is banned, so each restaurant has its own culinary identity and the menus are lively and constantly changing,” he says. He likes to add a sunny touch to everything he does, be it in the gastronomic restaurant, the Mediterranean bistro, the Italian trattoria or the bar with its Thai fusion food. But doesn’t face these challenges alone: he has no fewer than 40 staff at his command. Experience, enthusiasm and team spirit seem to be the foundations of the new foodie era at Coquillade Provence.


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