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October 2023

Chez Svetà Gallery à Nice

  • Sorcières

Chez Svetà Gallery à Nice



Mona Chollet’s book on witches, Sorcières : la puissance invaincue des femmes, caused a stir when it was released in 2019. She dedicated her work to all the women who, in their battle for some kind of independence, have been persecuted for witchcraft since the Renaissance. Svetà Marlier’s exhibition this autumn is in a similar vein. The artist presents female figures and attributes such as the broom, the hooked nose or the pointed hat, and ironically illustrates the gap that exists between reality and the stereotypes that have been built around the image of the witch.

Jusqu’au 6 novembre

18 rue Bonaparte, Nice - Tél. 06 09 23 15 93 -


+ d'art et culture