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April 2023

Fonds Héritage Sport 2024

Because there is no champion without a sponsor!

The Games are approaching. Many regional athletes will participate, but winning a medal requires having the material and financial means. Thanks to the Sport Heritage Fund, every company can become a sponsor.

By Maurice Gouiran
Le président du CROS, Hervé Liberman, mène un intense travail de cohésion sur le territoire.

All the spotlights will be on the region during the 2024 Olympic Games. As such, in November 2022, the Chairman of the Regional Olympic and Sports Committee, Hervé Liberman, created the Sport Heritage Fund with the support of the Région Sud.  It seeks to contribute to the levelling of the playing field between large and small federations, «between those that attract the light and those that, even though they are more discreet, can nevertheless go after medals». This tool, which is to be used towards achieving sporting excellence and developing and promoting the area, aims to encourage businesses’ participation and ensure the success of our champions through the implementation of the «One Sportsman/One Company» programme. There are 4 components to it: optimizing the performance of regional high-competition athletes, preparing their career change, improving their standard of living by awarding scholarships and developing sport in regional companies’ CSR (corporate social responsibility) policies. And the demand is high! According to Hervé Liberman, of the 122 athletes from the region who are able to compete in the Games, 35 to 40 will be selected and a few (between 3 and 6?) will go on to win a medal.

This fund allows entrepreneurs to participate in the Games without committing themselves to the financial level of the official partners of Paris 2024. The objective is to raise €4.44 million by 2024 (or €1.48 million per year for 3 years) by federating 24 regional companies, giving them the opportunity to be active players – and not just sponsors – of a high-visibility global event and to enhance their image. Companies can participate at different levels, from supporter (10 k€/year for 3 years) to gold (100 k€) or silver (60 k€/) and bronze (30 k€/). 


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