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April 2023

Jean-Marc Gobbi

Aiming to align values

By Clotilde Roux
Coup d’envoi fictif d’un match PAUC-ISTRES © Sylvain Sauvage

The takeover of the famous Aix handball club by the Chairman of the Pays d’Aix University Club, Jean-Marc Gobbi, is far from a coincidence. «I had known the club and its staff for years, so I bought the majority shareholding to secure the club financially and take it to another level”. Jean-Marc Gobbi is a sports enthusiast who has always made sport a core teaching activity at the Aix International Bilingual School (IBS), including the creation of sport-study classes and that of a tennis and football academy, which is soon to be completed by a handball academy. He is happy to follow the team on the road and enjoy dramatic moments. He remains focused on his ambitions to lead the club to its highest level, building a new team and selecting a new international coach. «I want to make it a high-level club with great values, but also a place of sharing and even deeper togetherness thanks to the enormous potential of the Arena and the entertainment possibilities the site offers». The values of sharing, joy, performance and exceeding your potential are a real common thread running through all of Jean-Marc Gobbi’s activities. «We find these shared emotions during musical evening concerts at the Château Saint-Pierre de Méjans or social evening events with the parents of IBS students. I am fond of these moments of exchange». The links between the different activities are obvious. From receptions at the castle for partner clubs, to inviting parents to matches, to students and staff meeting with players, there is no shortage of opportunities. Ambition and values go hand in hand here.


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