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February 2023


The contemporary face of Arles

Arles has inspired artists – musicians, painters, architects and fashion designers –  since Antiquity. These days, contemporary art has a prominent place.

Gilles Massot, Les Façades imaginaires de Calcutta, photographie argentique, collage couleur, 1990 – MRO.

Fondation MRO

Capturing humanity in motion

The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation, created in 2010, and dedicated to documentary and social photography, aims to encourage a new generation of committed photographers whose vision makes us question the world. The current exhibition, The Space Between Things, is a Gilles Massot retrospective. The common threads running through his work are the history of the photographic image, its production and reproduction.

18 rue de la Calade, Arles

La Tour, Parc des Ateliers, LUMA. © Adrian Deweerdt,

Luma Arles

Symbol of contemporary art

After creating the LUMA Foundation dedicated to supporting contemporary artistic creation in 2004, Maja Hoffmann launched the creative campus LUMA Arles on the Parc des Ateliers in 2013. A sophisticated programme of works, installations, digital art, and performances awaits you in Frank Gehry’s sculptural tower, the landscaped garden, and beneath the Grande Halle’s roof.

35 avenue Victor Hugo, Arles

Otobong Nkanga, The Weight of Scars ,2015, une œuvre à retrouver dans l'exposition Nature humaine – Humaine nature à la Fondation Van Gogh

Fondation van Gogh Arles

Place of reference

Vincent van Gogh produced his most beautiful masterpieces in Arles in only 15 months. By inviting contemporary artists to express their connection to Vincent van Gogh through their work, the Foundation offers a unique approach to the artist. Don’t miss it!

35 rue du Dr Fanton, Arles

By Clotilde Roux


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