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February 2023

Mécènes du Sud a 20 ans

Mécènes Du Sud is 20. From encounter comes creativity. From creativity comes encounter.

We are celebrating MP2013's 10th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of Mécènes du Sud this year. The business leader’s association, which gave unfailing support to "Marseille European Capital of Culture", has continued to grow, and federate the region's businesses.

© François Moura A gauche : Didier Amphoux, président de Mécènes du Sud Aix-Marseille 2020-2022. Soirée des lauréats 2022, Siège de Pernod Ricard France, novembre 2022.
Olivier Milhe, forum du réseau Mécènes du Sud, Siège de Pernod Ricard France, septembre 2022. © Didier Nadeau

A meeting, a handover between two men. Both are passionate about their region, its creative vitality and, since 2013, its attractiveness. Didier Amphoux, its President since 2019: "As per our statutes, I will be handing over the reins during the annual general meeting in early 2023 after serving three years as President. My involvement coincided with a global health event whose shockwave still affects us socially, politically, and economically. I am proud that we have strengthened our ties and affirmed the necessity of producing art in such a context. Faithful to its role, art has brought us together.” Maintaining the activities of an association founded on encounters between business leaders and artists was a challenge that the President, members, and team readily accepted.

 Olivier Milhe, Director of Milhe & Avons, wishes to develop these links:

"As his successor, I intend to fully assume this heritage and ensure the continuity of our activities. Mécènes du Sud’s founders have succeeded in making this region attractive to artists. I intend to focus our actions on welcoming them so they can become fully integrated into the city and find the means to express themselves there so that their work can enlighten us.” Mécènes du Sud has demonstrated the fruitfulness of welcoming artists into companies within the framework of residencies. It is an opportunity for members to enter artists' studios and share privileged times with them so that they may understand their work, universe, and creative processes. "You have to give, and you especially have to give time.”

© François Moura Assemblée générale de Mécènes du Sud Aix-Marseille à la Fondation Camargo, juin 2022.
© François Moura Soirée des lauréats 2022, Siège de Pernod Ricard France, novembre 2022. Présentation du travail de Madison Bycroft.
© Xavier Chabrol Road-trip Mécènes du Sud à Dunkerque Lille à l'occasion de l'ouverture de Lille 3000, mai 2022. Visite de La piscine à Roubaix.

20 years, time to capitalise on the experience of our laureates.

Mécènes du Sud provides financial support to five artists selected by an independent committee each year, which means a pool of more than 100 winners in that time. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the association is an opportunity to reconnect with each of them so that they can share their careers, their successes and express their needs. "When an artist becomes a laureate, they are laureates for life and benefit from Mécènes du Sud’s support, availability and network," says Olivier. The association aims to federate even more people around it. To achieve this, it offers its members an introduction to contemporary art that takes the form of lecture series and themed dinners with artists and art professionals. A highlight of their schedule is a series of road trips lasting one to four days, which allow members to experience culture through a specially designed tour and a major trip abroad. Next destination? New York and its contemporary art fair!


By Benjamin Perles


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