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February 2023

Démultiplier l'Inédit

Art by the shore in Malmousque

There’s always something new to discover in these three galleries. Art lovers and collectors come from near and far.

Carolle Bénitah, Ce qu’on ne peut pas voir, septembre 2022.© Michaël Serfaty

Edith Laplane and Michaël Serfaty are committed to promoting talented artists, local ones included. The encounters are terrific, impromptu and always aesthetic. You can book a room here, facing the sea or the patio. It’s much loved by artists in residence and architects. On 12 May there will be a tribute to the late great photographer William Klein.

131 Corniche Kennedy, Marseille 7e. @le_pangolin

Constantin Nitsche, Les Autres, 2021-2022, huile sur toile, 220 x 280 cm.

La Traverse

This sunny house was renovated by the Marion Bernard architecture agency in 2020 at the instigation of gallery owner and curator Catherine Bastide. La Traverse hosts artists in residence, symposia, exhibitions and performances, all in the spirit of environmental protection and slow design. It provides food for the body as well as the soul, offering b&b accommodation right on the shore. Delightful.


16 traverse Sainte-Hélène

Marseille 7e

Ardents défenseurs d’une Méditerranée tout en lumière, Giulia et Alexis Pentcheff, affûtés au marché de l’art, offrent à leur passion commune, un nouvel écrin à venir dans une maison historique du quartier. © Juliette Guidon

Galerie Alexis Pentcheff / Librairie le Puits aux Livres

Alexis and Giulia Pentcheff have moved their gallery from Rue to Pavillon de la Reine Jeanne, overlooking Malmousque harbour. The couple were captivated by this unusual site and have had it renovated by architect Bertrand Guillon. Rising above the shore, it invites a contemplative mood, a stroll or a quiet time browsing in the couple’s bookshop, due to open this summer and eagerly awaited.

2 rue Général Carteaux, Marseille 7e.

Youthful zest in the town centre

These young folk have energy, a fine display sense, insatiable curiosity, a thirst for new forms of art and entrepreneurial ambition.

Film projeté lors du Festival d’art expérimental et pluridisciplinaire Atome33, printemps 2022. © Le Fonds

Le Fonds

This is an old convent in the Panier district, converted in open-plan style and run by architect Florian Tassy and actor and stage director Sébastien Thévenet. They commission artworks and act as curators, publishers and patrons. Their tastes are eclectic and their work covers a wide cultural range: residences, performances, workshops, exhibitions and more. 

 Rue Fonderie Vieille, Marseille 2e / associations / le-fonds

Exposition Aurélien Ciller, À quoi bon Marseille ? octobre 2022.


It’s a label, a gallery and an artists’ agency, run by an association called Pour Que Marseille Vive. It shows work by emerging painters and photographers in a lively selection that echoes the movement of the Mediterranean waves – whence the name. 

31 rue Saint-Sébastien, Marseille 6e.
Sur rendez-vous.

© Brigitte Bouillot Panneau mural/sculpture en céramique Andrea Moreno. Janvier 2023. Mrs Potato, résidence de Cynthia Nge (décembre 2022/ mars 2O23) Collier/collier mural en grès, pièce unique fabriquée à la main. © Andrea Moren

Pièce à Part

Art critic, independent exhibition curator, designer and artistic director Emmanuelle Oddo likes to say she “brings meaning back to beauty, and vice versa”. François Champsaur, Archik, la Villa Noailles, CIRVA and Sessun all regularly call on her for the freedom with which she breaks the mould of the art market, fashion and publishing.

23 cours Pierre-Puget / 20b rue du Docteur Combalat
Marseille 6e.

Well established

They changed the way we see our local culture, building bridges between unfettered creativity, architecture and perceptions of the city.

Fresque Astro, réalisée à Marseille dans la cadre du programme « Un Immeuble, Une Œuvre » pour Covivio. © Art Five Gallery

ART FIVE Gallery

Founder Christophe Rioli had a far-sighted vision in 2010 when he launched the concept of artworks for hire in France. He owns a gallery specialising in contemporary urban art and supports “real pioneers with genuine street cred”. An expert in putting together collections, he also acts as art director for huge wall paintings commissioned by private individuals, institutions or companies happy to have their buildings painted.

14 quai de Rive-Neuve, Marseille 7e, sur RV.

Panneau mural/sculpture en céramique Andrea Moreno. Janvier 2023. Mrs Potato, résidence de Cynthia Nge (décembre 2022/ mars 2O23) Collier/collier mural en grès, pièce unique fabriquée à la main. © Andrea Moren

Espace Jouenne

Espace Jouenne comprises two town houses and their outbuildings which together house a gallery, a coworking space and meeting rooms, with rental flats upstairs. A quiet place in a quiet street, combining art and business. At its heart, a foundation celebrating the work of Michel Jouenne. Everyone is welcome to walk in and stroll beneath the glass roof, enjoy the patio or a current exhibition, book their seats for a music night, etc. A wonderfully lively place, all year round.

39-41 rue Montgrand, Marseille 6e.

Dernière réalisation Archik, la Maison 1492 : architecte et paysagiste, JoBe et Côté Outdoor.© Florian Touzet


Archik is a real estate agency, architects’ practice and designer furniture consultancy with branches in Marseille, Paris and Toulon. Marseille has many examples of its beautiful, creative, light and airy output like the recent Maison 1492. This is art to be lived in. The windows often spotlight a designer or studio that has been invited to make a limited edition, available from the agency or online

50 rue Edmond-Rostand, Marseille 6e

By Caroline Guiol


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