December 2017

Stéphanie Titus

  • An art of light and porcelain



 Stephanie TITUS 01

Plus que l'art, Stéphanie manie aussi la matière et la manière. / Photographie : Christophe Billet

Stéphanie Titus works with porcelain, to let it express itself freely.


"First I create an object – a lamp, a sculpture or a spectacular wall decor. Then I let the porcelain evolve, take its place, model its own forms" she says. "Take these two cylindrical lamps, one placed atop the other: they might very well have moved differently or closed up altogether if the heat of the kiln (1300°C) had decided so." As to her quest for the subtle plays of light and shade that are so omnipresent in her work, Stéphanie Titus explains that she lived in Stockholm for several years. "In 2004 my hus­­band was transferred to Sophia Antipolis. It was a joy to move to the South of France. Shortly after we arrived a neighbour invited me into his ceramics studio. It was a tremendous shock. A revelation. I had never put my hands in clay before. I signed up for a sculpture course straight away, and then for the fine arts school in Vallauris, where I learned the art of firing." Today she has a ravishing studio and showroom in Marseille where she works, exhibits and welcomes visitors. She means to let her ima­gi­nation run free in pure creativity and – why not – do some monumental sculpture. You can see her 7m2 porcelain wall decor at the new Marseille-Provence World Trade Center.


Atelier et showroom :
2-4 rue Neuve Sainte Catherine, Marseille 7e
Tél. 04 91 54 15 68 (sur rendez-vous)


By Pierre Psaltis