May 2017

Le Chicoulon

  • What a corker.



le chicoulon Photo Pierre Psaltis 2


Edouard Mireur opened his new wine bar on 20 April. It’s a back-to-roots story for this pure-bred Marseillais, who had been missing his home town during his seven years in Paris. «I’ve named the bar in honour of my grandmother: un chicoulon is the Provençal word she used for «just a drop» of wine. It evokes the warm family spirit I want to infuse into the place.» Edouard’s sister Fanny has joined him in the venture, cooking two starters and two mains every day: blanquettes, gratins, elaborate salads and a trolley of desserts. «We’re putting the emphasis on good produce, like black pudding by Christian Parra at Anne Rozès’ place,» says Mireur with obvious enjoyment.


59 rue Grignan, Marseille 6e. Tél. 04 91 33 46 59