October 2014

Frédéric Hawecker

  • The globe-trotting chocolatier

Frédéric Hawecker, winner of a Best Craftsman (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) award in 2011, lives a whirlwind life of travel and creativity. His chocolate delicacies reflect his adventures.


His first journey took him to the Bonneveine hotel and catering school in Marseille, not very far from the paternal vineyard. Armed with a diploma in patisserie, confectionery and chocolate, he then trained with France's legendary apprenticeship guild, the Compagnons de la Tour de France. A seven-year adventure moving from town to town and master baker to master baker, meeting people, perfecting his skills, amassing experiences. These days the Provençal chocolatier, currently established in Chateaurenard, takes his talents all around the world. And his Voyage en Chocolat takes us with him. Under the delicate chocolate coating we find delicious caramel for France, a deep coffee flavour for Ethiopia, crunchy toasted maize for Mexico, and so on, through 24 dark or milk chocolates. This autumn he brings us Balade en Provence: thym and lemon for the garrigue around Arles, puffed rice for the Camargue, praliné and fennel, basil and strawberry - 11 surprising and delicious flavours, each topped with a (chocolate) cicada. www.hawecker.com


By Valérie Rouger