From the catwalk to the street, from horological complications to extravagant jewellery, from designers in the spotlight to the new modes of transport, our Trends pages illustrate the latest in lifestyle. These cleanly-designed, well-illustrated pages take a sideways look to decipher major shifts in society as they happen, offering a comprehensive, avant-gardist view of today's zeitgeist. COTE shows you the most complex details with text and pictures.

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October 2021 - Design


  • The world in colour
  • Unusual colours and materials, eco-friendly products and a new showroom: Xavier and Marie Grindel have everything you could dream of for home decoration. All aboard for a better world.
October 2021 - Design


  • Rethinking your interior
  • Summer’s over, autumn’s here with the first occasional chill in the air. A time for settling in at home for comfort and cocooning, lighting, comforting tints and a gently pensive mood.
October 2021 - Fashion


  • Ahead of the fashion trend
  • This shop in Aix-en-Provence has been in business since 1966, making an impact with its choice of sharp fashion brands. You can’t pass its colourful window displays without stopping to look.
October 2021 - Fashion


  • not just online
  • Anne Vouland is our high priestess of style. We love her selections, with exclusive brands and unusual partnerships that mix and match a sporty streetwear style suited to the season and fit for day or night.
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