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May 2016

Nothing to hide

 transparence juin 2016

In addition to skeletonising and transparent casebacks, the most spectacular movements show off their workings though cases cut from sapphire.


"Undress me!" the most complex watches would seem to be chorusing! Richard Mille's shameless RM 07-02 Pink Lady delights women who appreciate fine movements but have long been denied their technical secrets. Its sapphire case, the colour of the cocktail of gin and pomegranate juice, lets them marvel without hindrance at its delicate automatic movement.
Transparency is also a key concept at Hublot, which has stripped off its star model for a limited edition of 500 Big Bang Unico Sapphire watches with cases cut straight from sapphire. "After the art of suggestion of its skeletonised movements, Hublot reveals all. A transparent case that reveals the soul of the watch – the Unico movement – and an absolute transparency extending to the strap, which has become invisible. Beyond the symbolism and the play on words, the Big Bang is laying itself bare. It has nothing to hide and everything to show," as Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe puts it.
Rebellion's new 540 Magnum Tourbillon also goes for a sapphire-crystal case, while Parmigiani uses its partnership with Bugatti to showcase its knowhow. The case of the Bugatti Super Sport Sapphire is based on a skeletonised gold structure to which sapphire sections have been added. The volumes of the Super Sport line plus the use of translucent shades opens up the entire pink-gold movement (PF374) so it can be admired by the wearer.
Lastly, Jacob & Co's Astronomia Clarity displays the Astronomia's precious gravitational triple-axis tourbillon in a sapphire case. Thus enhanced, the three-dimensional movement extends a fascinating invitation to explore the cosmos.


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