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February 2023

Fashion culture!

We review some of the pieces and motifs symbolising luxury that have become firmly rooted nationally and internationally in fashion culture.



Eternal silk square 

This silk piece has become a Hermès classic since it first appeared in 1937. Timeless! With its famous rolled hem, handsewn with the same colour thread. 

Chez Hermès, Aix-en-Provence


Louis Vuitton

Monogram canvas, a symbol of luxury

Georges Vuitton invented the legendary Monogram canvas, which became the company’s identity in 1896. This motif and fabric represent French luxury with its accompanying savoir-faire even today. 

Chez Louis Vuitton, Marseille

The tote bag: an absolute must-have

For many women, this bag is the perfect accessory for carrying around their modern lives in concentrated form. The canvas and leather tote bag has been the brand’s flagship since its launch in 1998. 

Chez Lulli sur la toile, Marseille


Down jackets

And the Moncler Grenoble line’s strength is…? Knowing how to offer dual-purpose technical clothing. First, for skiing down the Megève slopes sporting one of their iconic down jackets, and then sipping cocktails on the terrace in the latest chic spot at altitude...

Chez 400 m2, Marseille

Par Bruno Lambert


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